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Rich & Sylvia Wedding


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Ceremony & Reception:  Gaslite Manor

There are much about Rich & Sylvia’s wedding that we absolutely love!

Here are just a few unique points:

  • Friday the 13th theme wedding
  • The emotional moment of the groom lifting his niece from the wheel chair for her first dance ever.  Everyone was crying!
  • Father of the groom’s surprise gift of having the famous Shannon Rover Band played at the reception. A standing ovation by all guests.
  • The fun appearance of the bride and groom wearing Jason’s masks while pushing a whole roasted pig through the banquet hall with Michael Myer’s music on the background.  Some guests had the chills but they all loved it!
  • The beautiful cloud creation for their first dance
  • And definitely the tears and laughter throughout the day.

Rich and Sylvia’s Friday 13th wedding wasn’t random.  The couple is fun, daring, and love the unique date.  Rich proposed to Sylvia on Friday the 13th of March…  It was so fortunate that the next Friday the 13th was within the same year.  No doubt it was the best theme party.

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With only 6 months of planning, Sylvia and Rich surely impressed us with the smallest details that tied their Friday the 13th wedding together.  From skull accented floral piece, to skull hair pieces and robes, skull cuff links, to handmade skull printed coaster, and sophisticated accents of skulls and skeletons added to the decoration of orange, black, and turquoise.

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We started our day with preparation with Rich & Sylvia separately.  The pair was both nervous preparing themselves for the big day with their first sight of each other at the ceremony.  It was emotional with both laughter and tears as Rich & Sylvia exchanged their everlasting words of love.  The reception to followed was filled with many surprises and high energy!

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