FAQ - Corfias Films - Wedding Video Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need two photographers?

While one photographer can do most things on his/her own, you may want an extra photographer if you want split coverage during preparation, have strict church guideline, and more pictures.  Two photographers allow more creativity, more perspectives, less intrusive, and a more efficient system to set up lighting and portrait session.  Two photographers also allow us to do night photography at the end of the wedding.

Where will the pre wedding/engagement shoot take place?

It will normally take place somewhere in Chicago or nearby suburbs, preferably at some place that holds a special meaning to you.  Otherwise, we have a list of suggested places for you to choose.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We have liability insurance which can be provided for any venue upon request

Do you do formal and group shots ?

Absolutely!  We think this is an important part of the wedding and should be incorporated into your wedding day.  Working with George and Kamie, one of us help post the group while the other takes the pictures.  With that, we can help you achieve beautiful formal and group pictures without the chaos and still have plenty of time for other fun activities.

How long does it take to get my photos?

The time below are average and not a guarantee.

Flashdrive keepsake:  1 month

Engagement Album – first draft: 1 month

Wedding Album – first draft: 3 months

Final draft of album depending on client’s responses.  After final approval, it will take about another month for printing and delivery

How long does it take to receive my wedding video?

About one month for highlight and 6 months for main video. We try our best to get a faster turnaround when possible.

Who and what can I include in my credit role?

We typically include location of the ceremony and reception and names of your bridal party, parents, ushers, readers, toasters, and the ceremony conductor. We obviously cannot list all your guests but can include a few more names if you like. You can also include special note with the credit role.

Can my third cousin be in the movie?

If you would like to include an important guest that does not play a significant role on your wedding day, please let us know ahead of time so we can be mindful of it when we film and edit.

While we try our best to include as many faces as possible in the movie, we cannot include everyone and wouldn’t know all the important guests. We focus our movie on the bride and the groom while incorporating the special people such as your parents and the bridal parties. At cocktails and open dancing is the best time for us to include other guests.

Do I need 2 Videographers?

All our packages include two videographers. A second videographer allows more coverage, more perspectives, and more creative and interesting video. During preparation, we split to cover both the preparation of the groom and the preparation of the bride. During the ceremony, toasts, and dancing, we have cameras at different angles to capture not only the main subject but also the reaction of the guests. In addition to two videographers, we periodically use an unmanned camera for extra perspectives when deemed necessary.

What is the difference between your Documentary and Cinematic style?

The documentary wedding video focuses on capturing and presenting your wedding day as it occurs. For example, your wedding video might start with the bridal preparation, follow by the ceremony, and then reception.  Social time, cocktail hours, and dancing are edited nicely with numerous small clips into one or two songs.  The rest are remains uncut for the most part with transition time shortened or removed to enhance the quality of the video.  This video is perfect to watch once a while to relive your wedding day from start to finish.

The Cinematic wedding video introduces a storytelling aspect to your wedding day.  We highlight different parts of your wedding day from the preparation, ceremony, reception, and everything in between with vocal extractions of your love letter, your vow, a part of a reading, speech, and/or toast, or even story narrated by you or your bridal party to compose a story.  As such, we do spend a tremendous amount of time to analyze your wedding as a whole in deciding how to create a shorter, fast pace, interesting wedding film.  This process involves a larger amount of time of post-production time in our editing room. The final film also goes through a more thorough color grading and audio enhancement.  The result is a video you will often watch and share with family and friends.

Can I use my own music?

Absolutely! We ask each couple to pick their favorite song(s) for highlight video. For the main videos, it is best to provide us with a list of songs you like as our starting point but give us the freedom to make the final selections of music.  The reason is that certain song fits better than another and it’s easier to see while we edit your video. In addition, we generally pick the music that already a part of your wedding.  For example, we will include a song that gets everyone off their seat to the dance floor or a song that everyone started singing too.  However, we will be glad to accommodate your request as it is you who watch your video over and over again.

What is the length of my final video?

Our Documentary wedding videos are typically between 45 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on your day.  Ceremony, toasts, first dances, and special dances are edited but uncut while the rest are edited as a montage or highlight style over your songs of choice.

On our Cinematic package includes a 20 minute of short film and a full length traditional movie.  The short film is a creative fast pace movie that highlight your wedding day.   The full length allows you to revisit every part of your wedding day.

What video equipment do you use?

The list runs lengthy as our bags have more than a recording camera. Our video equipment consists of ENG cameras, DSLR, Mirrorless system, various lens including zoom, wide, and prime lens, steadicam, slider, monopods, and tripods. Our audio equipment includes top of the line lavaliere microphone, wireless handheld microphone, as well as audio hookup to your DJ system.

How do you present yourselves on the wedding day?

We will try our best to blend in with the crowd while remaining professional. We typically dressed in blacks with dress pants and a dress shirt/blazer. Shall your event calls for a specific dress code, just let us know. We will be glad to accommodate.

What is your approach to filming a wedding day?

The best wedding video is due to knowing the smallest details of your wedding day, preparing our cameras before it happens, and capturing it as candid as possible as it happens.  Yes, we will have a few clips of holding hands or kissing during the downtime if you don’t mind.  However, for the most part, we do not like disturb the natural flow of your day.

Do you require meals at the wedding day?

Yes.  We do ask meals to be provided.  That’s our source of energy to keep us going!

How much do I need to pay to reserve my date?

We asks for a 25% deposit at the signing of your contract in order to reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding date.

Do you hold our date for us?

Due to the nature of our business, we can only reserve your date after a signed contract and a deposit is received.

What type of payment options do you accept?

Cash, checks, electronic money transfer via Quickpay or popmoney.com, and major credit cards.

Do you travel? If so, is there additional traveling fees.

We serve primarily Chicago and local suburban areas within 100 miles roundtrip from our location.  Traveling fees apply for further distance.  We currently do not offer our services to locations that require an overnight stay.

Is tax included in your price?

All prices are final. There is no additional tax or fees unless hotel stay is required.


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